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When I was rushing sororities at the University of Virginia in the dead of winter years ago, I decided that I’d sport a pair of mittens I’d inherited from my grandmother. The fact that I’d inherited a pair of mittens should clue you in to the fact that these were no ordinary hand warmers. No no — they were made of real cheetah fur, And they probably cost a fortune. I wore them unthinkingly, Only knowing that they looked chic…that is, Until a sorority sister at one of the houses gasped in dismay when she saw me slipping my little paws out of them. “Are those…real,” (Insert contorted look of pain and shock.) I was off that sorority “return list” as quickly as you could say “Delta Gamma Kappa.” The experience has made me extremely hesitant to talk about / own up to owning real fur — the last canada goose logo patch I want to do is offend or upset anyone. As a result, I had a lengthy internal debate over whether or not to feature a post on the fur trend that is so mega this season. I know that some of my lovely readers will be less-than-Thrilled (ahem, My own sister), But this season has proved that the vrai and the faux can be equally chic, So — if nothing else, Just know that a lot more of the fur you’re seeing on the streets nowadays is the fake stuff. (And if you’re OK with the real deal — this is your time to shine.) With that caveat out of the way, Let me present some (guilt-free) Furry mittens (And corresponding fur tippet) To add to your repertoire this season ($85 for mittens; $75 for tippet, Juicy Couture):

How adorable would either be, Paired with a pop-of-Red coat ($49, Old Navy)?

Or channel Dries Van Noten — must admit, I was totally drawn to this look when canada goose logo patch strutted itself on down the runway. Utilitarianista-meets-NYC-chic-meets-I’m-Vaguely-European:

Get the look with your own faux fur scarf ($48, Lord and Taylor), An olivette cargo shirt ($110, Madewell), And some skinnies:

I’ve lately been seriously loving a pair of mid-Calf taupey-Suede boots I bought at a boutique in Rome two years ago, And I’m going to go ahead and continue to love the proportions by promoting these to.die.For Giuseppe Zanottis ($1,095, Zoe):

(These $260 House of Harlows might be a good second choice if you’re not in the market for such an investment piece.) Finish with this sueded duffel handbag ($198, Madewell) And some gleaming gold accents, Like these flat-Head enorma-Studs ($45, Gorjana), A thin stack of bangles ($75, LuvCharlie), And a slightly masculine watch (Michael Kors, $225, Bloomingdale’s):

If the leopard’s too loud, Why not this faux fur neck warmer from Loft ($39, Ann Taylor Loft) Paired with an ivory coat?

I d.i.e. Over this minimalista collarless Reed Krakoff coat (A label that’s been thrown around a lot lately, And has been developing some serious brand equity amongst the jet-Set — and with good reason; This coat rings in at $1,890 at Net-A-Porter), And think that if you paired canada goose logo patch with the fur collar above and a classic brown pointy-Toed pump ($79, Zara) And a top-Handle bag (Ugh I want this Prada tote bad.Ly — $1,995, Barneys), You’d be all class:

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15 Aralık 2012 Cumartesi

Kış geldi sebze meyve hepsi tamam da sevmiyorum ben bu soğuğu arkadaş, Gece kıvrılıp yan yattığım için yanlarım acıyor kalktığımda vallahi :D büzüşürken,Battaniyeye bürlenmiş film izlerken burnumun ucuna bi burunluk öresim geliyor kii güneyde yaşamışken bu böyle :( Allah gerçekten kolaylık versin kendinize dikkat edin,

Kremalı ıspanak tarifini televizyonda görmüştüm, Krema ve ıspanağı çok sevdiğim ama ikisini bi arada hiiç denemediğim için hemen denedim ve sonuçtan memnun kaldım,

Yaparken birde resimlerini çektim, Ispanağa krema ekliyorsunuz desem anlamayacaksınız sanki :D

Denediğim sevdiğim tarifleri paylaşmayı seviyorum arada sırada

Şimdi efenim geçelim tarifimize, :)


1 kilo ıspanak, Kırmızı biber, Yeşil biber, Büyük bir bak kuru soğan, 3 diş sarımsak, Zeytinyağı, krema, Dana ciğer

Ispanakları yıkayıp bi süre suyunu süzüyoruz, O süzüledursun, Bi taraftan soğanı, Sarımsağı küp küp doğrayıp öldürüyoruz, Ince ince kırmızı biber ve yeşil biberi doğrayıp soğana ilave ediyoruz, Kıvama gelince doğradığımız ıspanağı tencereye alıp suyu çekilene kadar pişiriyoruz, Tuzunu baharatını tadına bakarak ayarlıyoruz (Büyük yapraklı ıspanaktan yapıyorsanız 1 kilo ıspanağa 1 kutu krema tam geliyor, Ama biraz eksik can i wash a canada goose jacket koyabilirsiniz), Ispanaklara kremayı ilave edip kıvam alana kadar pişiriyoruz, Küçük bir tavada doğranmış dana ciğerlerini tuzlayıp unluyoruz.(Ben tam buğday unuyla unluyorum daha yumuşak oluyor sanki)

Sonrada kızartıyoruz(Arnavut ciğeri gibi yani) Kağıt havlu ile fazla yağını alıyoruz ki krema da yağlı zaten dengelensin :) Kıvam alan sıcak kremalı ıspanağımızı tabağa yayıp ortasına ciğerlerimizi koyuyoruz, Sonra kırmızı biber ekebilirsiniz görseli süper oluyor,

Misafire pişirmeden önce, Kendiniz evde bi deneyin, Ben bu lezzeti çok seviyorum, Ispanağı can i wash a canada goose jacket hafta pazardan alırım taze taze, Bi pirinçli borani gibi pişiriyorsam diğer sefere kremalı pişiriyorum, Ailecek seviyoruz! :)

Afiyet bal şeker olsun

Bu soğuk günlerde bağışıklığınızı arttırsın

Hızır parmağını batırsın

Not:Bu da favori nohutlu ıspanak tarifim, Harika olur burdan bakabilirsiniz,

Deneyenler haber etsin bi zahmet merak ediyorum :))



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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The other day, I got surprised when my mom told me that I’m joining her in her feeding program again. I only thought that she’s dropping me at school first. I was so touched when she told me that the kids really liked me and wanted to see me again :) Like what I said earlier, This was unexpected and my first class was PE. Don’t mind the PE shirt + leggings! Lol

Had a very satisfying japanese lunch yesterday with my family at one of my favorite japanese restaurants, Miyabi! Instead of ordering the usual meals, We tried 5 new different dishes and we weren’t disappointed. Love how the place is like 10 minutes away from my school. So convenient for me and my tummy! :) hehe. I always find myself craving for japanese food even if I just ate some.

As to my outfit, Of course wearing something green or white is a must if you’re watching the game! What I love about the skirt is that it’s scalloped. Isn’t canada goose decoys closeout cute? I actually regret wearing a lot of bracelets that day. It was really hassle while I was cheering and canada goose decoys closeout kept on hitting my phone, Lesson learned! I will not wear that much bracelets again when watching a game!

I visited my high school friend, Raymond (Thanks for taking my pictures! Here’s your special mention. haha), Before watching the DLSU-ADMU game at MOA Arena. This is so far the most fun shoot that I have done for my blog. It was soooo windy that we had a lot of epic fail shots and we just kept laughing the whole time. The picture below is the funniest! I just had to share lol

So sad about the game but I still believe there’s a chance in the next game :) Wooo, Positivity!

I had a really good day but I lost my phone at the end of the night. :( I really hope I get canada goose decoys closeout back because I have really important files there, It’s a white iPhone 4S. I hope the person who took it suddenly feels guilty and return it to me. I would really appreciate it. :(

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MCLV Style: Gowns & Formalwear

I recently attended the San Francisco Ballet’s Annual Gala – Not only do I adore the ballet and look forward to getting a chance to support them, But I’ll also take any excuse to get all dressed up. Gowns & formalwear make the canada goose quilt extremely happy!

And what’s even better than getting all dressed up for a fun night of glamour & fabulous people watching? Doing the canada goose quilt with your girlfriends!

Next time I may go for something a little more high impact, But this one fit like a dream so I couldn’t pass the canada goose quilt up!

Speaking of high impact – I’d like to introduce my gorgeous dates for the evening – The stunning boudoir photographer Rhiannon of Alloria Winter and fabulous food photographer Jessica of Jessica Michelle Photography.

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Back-to-School Wardrobe Essentials for Me as a (Stylish) Preschool Teacher

In Philippines, Public school teachers aren’t worried on what to wear back to school because canada goose quality review are provided with complete set of school uniform by the government. In our school here in Thailand, We foreign teachers are allowed to wear any decent clothes except on Fridays when we need to wear the prescribed uniform- collared shirt with the school’s name printed on the back. We can wear canada goose quality review with black trousers.

For me as a preschool teacher, I need versatility with my ensembles as I teach, Sing and dance with kids. Though it’s fine for us to just wear shirts and trousers all week long, It makes me bored to wear the same plain style over and over again. Thus, I’m resolved to update my wardrobe this school year- to look stylish but not too trendy, put-Together but not stiff, And well dressed without being flashy.

Some of the must-Have pieces for back-to-School wardrobe that I already have are:

1. Good Dress Pants. My old pants really looks old with its washout color so I bought 3 new Lady Plus+ petite double weave cotton fitted straight leg pants. These pants flaunt a slimmed down straight leg that narrows at the ankle, For clean-Cut sleek and polished look. With dark wash trousers, These go really well with a button down shirt, Blazer or cardigan. Then finish off the look with sleek ponytail or chic bun.

2. Comfortable Flats. Though I love heels, I prefer to wear comfortable flats (Check out some of my comfortable flats here) When I’m in the classroom to survive walking around and standing for longer periods of time. I have 2 new comfortable flats that came in handy.

3. Carry-All tote. Thanks to my teacher mom, Her denim tote bag given to me is my perfect accessory to bring everything I need for school- personal stuff, Kikay kit, Rulers, Pencils, pens, Markers, Notebooks, books, Rewards and treats for the high achievers and there are times that I could even put my laptop on it! It’s a wonder bag indeed!

4. Simple yet elegant jewelry. I don’t like wearing lots of blings. Besides, A lot of bling is not a good look for a teacher. What I keep on to add sparkle to my outfits are my Casio stainless steel watch (Keep track of the time), Black onyx studs and silver ring.

What I needed more in my back to school wardrobe are easy, Breezy lightweight tops that flaunts relaxed silhouette yet with elegant pattern like the following pieces from Zalora:

I can just throw on this top with dress pants or skirts for an effortlessly sophisticated look in school. These stylish yet affordable pieces could be my base for my school wardrobe. All I need to do is just mix and match these with my dress pants and skirts to create an abundant wardrobe. With an updated wardrobe, I can now feel more comfortable, Look more stylish and be more productive in my work.

P.S. You may ask, “Don’t canada goose quality review need blazer or cardigan?” I do own blazers and cardigans but they’re not essentials for me due to the fact that the weather in Thailand is uncomfortably hot everyday! I have a constant sheen of sweat over me while teaching with my short-Sleeved lightweight tops on, How much more if I add layers, Our classrooms don’t have air-Conditioner units so there’s no way I gonna put myself into “greasy” situation.

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Online Shopping: Our Guide to the Best Sites for Scoring in the Sales

Sorry if I’m already preaching to the converted, But a post about online shopping has to contain reference to the wonder store asos. Launched back in 2000, Asos has grown to be an online shopper’s delight. Together with its own label, Asos carries a number of international brands including UK high street favourites River Island, Warehouse, French Connection, Karen Millen, Oasis etc.

Now canada goose retailers regina might say we have Karen Millen here, So why do I need to shop online for it? The black dress above retails online on ASOS for £235 (HK2926) And in store in Hong Kong canada goose retailers regina retails at a whopping HK3900 (£311!). That’s a huge difference! I always thought that the likes of KM marked up due to the high cost of rental in HK but not by this much. This was an eye opener!

The good news for us is there’s an outlet/clearance section carrying summer frocks and swimwear. I often struggle with picking up swimwear at an affordable price in HK so asos saved my bacon recently when in need of a few new bikinis. You can mix and match bottoms and tops — a godsend for those of us who have a bigger bottom than top half or vice versa!

Before you get carried away, A word of caution, You do have to pay return postage on non suitable items! Although I am a real fan of asos, It’s worth noting that sometimes I have been disappointed by the quality of its own label range dresses which a fellow online shopper also agreed with me over a glass of vino the other night. I’ve had no problems with its own brand swimwear, Though. Worldwide shipping is free and the turnaround times are pretty quick – about 10 days for Hong Kong from ordering to arriving at your door.

One of the selling points about Shopbop is that the worldwide shipping in 3 days or less (Orders have to be over US100 [HK779], If under US100 then you pay US10).

When I first clicked on Shopbop I thought, “Here we go another site packed with high end designers”. Although canada goose retailers regina does offer high end frocks, You can filter these out and get down to high street prices with their handy search engine. As for returns, It looks like these are done via DHL a

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Kappahl AW14

Hösten hos Kappahl går i två olika linjer; Den nordiskt minimalistiska i kombination med sportig urban streestyle samt den moderna grungen i kombination med romantiken. Ovan ser ni mina fyra favoritlooker för hösten och look nr 1 samt nr 3 vill jag kopiera rakt av i höst. Så snyggt! Dessutom vill jag kolla närmare på den vita klänningen som visas i look nr 4. Kappahls egna ord kring canada goose outlet online shop två linjerna kan ni läsa nedan.

Nordiskt minimalism i kombination med sportig urban streestyle: Nyckelplaggen som ger känslan för trenden är bikerbyxan, t-Shirten med tryck och den korta fuskpälsjackan. Färgerna håller typiskt nordiskt svart/vitt och grått med accenter som klarblått och oliv. Den effektfulla looken med olika strukturer och material som konstläder, spets, Trikå och päls sätter den här heta hösttrenden.

Modern grunge & romantik: Här är den småblommiga klänningen ett nyckelplagg som med fördel matchas med den långa stickade koftan och en stor halsduk. Denim i olika tvättar kombineras med den rutiga flanellskjortan eller den romantiska broderade blusen. Förutom flanell, Stickat, Denim och broderi hittar vi även plagg i härliga chiffonger. Färgerna bordeaux, Dimrosa och blått kombineras med olika toner av denim och grått för att skapa en modern och romantisk grunge-Känsla.

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Content described ‘fashion’

Your home business throughout the current fashions marriage hunt, Houghton Bride’s 2015 arrangement is designed for you. Of a-Group dresses in slacks toy girl little girls baby gowns, Doing this important spring/summer storing provides this story-And more. Some is visually are got considerably that will runway compared to the white-colored church aisle, Truthfully other medication is essentially beautifully coupled with ideal for the new york city young girl. And lastly, In my package is strictly on fad for example a pocket or purse be sure canada goose borden review skirt, Popped tonneaus, In addition, maximum less border. We are really not sure if earphones,

As the appearance within noble baby captivates our society once involved with the April 29th wedding betwixt Duchess Kate and moreover royal king bill, I own a many different pretty regal matter supporting outcome my thoughts! Chanel identity ambassador and manner hair dresser, Caroline Sieber, Most in recent times got married the girl trader/socialite sweetheart, Fritz von Westenholz, In the best mysterious parts in the world-Vienna, Luxembourg. Nevertheless was their bride’s remarkable white color church aisle canada goose borden review that borrowed demonstrate to!,

Purchasing perfectly established in spite of that gorgeous event look? Well later Amy Kuschel has the bridal gowns as part of your! And from now on, Simply just providing a break glance near the Kuschel’s exquisite 2011 fixed! I’m often impressed based on the unimaginable compliment of most Amy Kuschel’s robes. It’s entertaining how a great deal of statement designed to suit can establish when the wedding gown is easy and unadorned. Ladies lot of bunch on Kuschel’s 2011 arranged. You need to lovely admired-Driven,

Repast astigmatism on of your stunning suits faraway brought on by Rosa Clara’s 2011 engagement placed! To start off with every time really enjoyed the distinctiveness from your Rosa Clara bridal gowns. You will be able go with classic silhouettes(That-Range, Blend-Since-Surface, Little princess or queen so ballgown) Furthermore traditional cleavage lines(Bustier, Elevated nck, While bateau). Remember, though, That’s not saying an Rosa Clara robes remain requirement in the slightest! Almost every top has a little that versions canada goose borden review at bay(As well as the over) In the rest. Plus in the 2011 grouping,

One the best way to add spice to a vintage, Unadorned stunning custom made wedding outfit is a stunning wedding ceremony utility belt! But also on account of fashion brands that include mrs. Rahn, 2011 wedding brides to be end up with a cart load of fashionable genres from which to select. Get the stunner higher! Series of predominantly radiant Swarovski deposits are really determined onto a skill deco-Enthusiastic craze, Creating this wedding ceremony gear an honest sentence section. Right just ooze richness and also inflamed rugs sophisticated style, Also fancy the criss combination steps together with Garbo buckle less than. It can be,

It shojuld not be a big hurricane that i am a complete Jenny Packham enthusiast. Since then I arrived foot in carry

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RoBlogFest 2011 – Castigatorii!

Am ajuns destul canada goose pictures devreme in Silver Church si am stat langa intrare ca sa nu scap din vedere niciun personaj cunoscut. Asa l-Am intalnit si pe Cezar aka Imperator, Cu care desi discutasem pe FB sau blog, Nu reusisem sa ma vad si face to face. Si pentru ca sunt fana a calatoriilor facute pentru suflet, Il felicit pentru premiu si pentru faptul ca ne incanta zilnic cu povestile sale, Absolut superbe. Cezar, Asa cum ti-Am zis, Esti o adevarata inspiratie pentru mine:)

Recunosc ca am stat putin la petrecere pentru ca atmosfera devenise atat de, Aglomerata, Incat nu se putea respira. Si m-Am cam plictisit, Pentru ca abia pe la 9 au inceput sa cante OCS (De altfel, Au facut-O foarte bine!), Iar premiile s-Au dat dupa acest concert. Concluzii?

– un astfel canada goose pictures eveniment (Unic in Romania) Ar trebui organizat mai bine si cu sponsori mai generosi. Cred ca blogurile merita toata atentia si nu spun asta doar pentru ca sunt posesoare de unul, Ci pentru ca oamenii au mai mare incredere in ce spun bloggerii decat in presa sau alti generatori de informatii. Sau asa ar trebui sa fie.

– spatiul a fost mic pentru toata suflarea interesata de mediul online si de bloguri. Sunt atatea locuri bune in Bucuresti unde s-Ar fi putut tine, Sincer, Mie nu mi se pare chiar atat de greu de organizat!

– toata lumea a primit tricouri albe la intrare, Era o mare de carpe agatate de oameni prin club, Unii isi lasasera “Cadoul” La baie, Altii aruncat pe te miri unde,

– OCS au cantat foarte misto, Chiar mi-Au placut. Asta in afara comentariilor putin cam not funny, Ca sa zic asa, De genul: “Bai, Tre’ sa cantam bine, Ca scriu astia pe bloguri” sau “Aratati bine pentru niste oameni din fata calculatorului,

– aglomeratia a fost de nedescris. Stiu, Am mai fost si eu in cluburi (rar, ce-I drept) Si am vazut curgand transpiratia pe pereti, Insa aici a fost un alt fel de eveniment. Lumea n-A venit sa bea, Sa danseze si sa agate (Cred eu:)). Lumea a venit sa socializeze, Sa schimbe linkuri si sa felicite bloggerii castigatori. Cum era posibil acest lucru? Nu stiu, Sincer. Doar impingand in stanga si-N dreapta, Si taind fumul, Si urland in urechea celui vizat.

– m-Am bucurat foarte tare pentru Imperator, (Chiar daca au iesit pe locul 2), ILoveHandmade, BMWblog, Razvan Pascu si, Cam atat:)

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How To Dress In Scandinavian Style

I’ve had a lot of requests for illustrated how-Tos navy blue montebello canada goose Scandinavian style and on minimalistic style. Because minimalism is such a big part of Scandinavian fashion, I’ve decided to combine the two. Scandinavian fashion is all about simple, Effortless style with a less is more attitude. The climate also plays a big role. The often cold and wet weather makes layering a must. The colors are natural, Often monochrome, With beautiful graphic prints. Hair and make-Up are also kept very natural.

What would navy blue montebello canada goose like to see next on Mangomini’s illustrated how-tos? Feel free to let navy blue montebello canada goose know and have a good week!