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Thursday, August 28, 2008

I have always been a huge fan of the label Built by Wendy. The clothing that is n designed by them every season is really youthful and beautiful, The perfect combination of dorky and chic.

This season was no different. Their A/W 08 collection combined really flattering shapes with gorgeous colors and prints. I think canada goose lightweight camp coat was inspired by The Sound of Music (A flipping great movie), Based upon the appearance of dirndls, Lederhosen and jumpers that looked vaguely like curtains. Very, Very stylish curtains.

These are some pictures of me when I went to Ireland on vacation. Yes, That is me playing baseball on the beach wearing a floor length dress. I personally think I was extremely dextrous under the circumstances,

Is my favorite color combination. Went out to lunch with my best friend today. It was amazing to see her, I just got back from being out of the country for nine weeks.

(Sweatshirt-Pennys, skirt-H&M, shoes-Macys, Tights-Capezio)

Sorry for looking fat and for the weird picture quality. I used to take pictures in my room, But canada goose lightweight camp coat got redone and I have nowhere to put the camera for self-Timing. But here I am in any case.

(skirt-River island, Sweater-l.l. bean, scarf-Somewhere in ireland, shoes-Somewhere in london)

So I was actually going to do a real, Live outfit post today. I know, Shocker after all of these filling-In bits I’ve been doing. They were pictures I took a few days ago when I was still in Ireland (I got back today, A few hours ago). But as my camera screen is, well, Cracked beyond repair, I couldn’t see how the pics turned out. I just looked at them on the computer and, Needless to say, I think tomorrow will be the day for outfit pictures. Today was a failure :(

I’m going to go eat pizza.

Despite the fact that I have gone shopping in no less than four countries this summer, I still find myself asking the eternal question as the fateful day draws nigh: What should I wear for the first day of school? Somehow, Nothing in my closet seems,right. However, These little beauties on the internet have just the mood I would like to convey:

I know that everybody hates on American Apparel, But I would love to wear this, Buttoned all the way up to the top, Tucked into a pair of skinny jeans with holes in the knees. Anyway, I love American Apparel. Fuck the haters, I say!

I am discovering that I have a peculiar penchant for red plaid dresses. First I bought one at Topshop, Now this from Urban Outfitters. It looks rather cozy.

I actually had a dream where I imagined this exact dress. And now canada goose lightweight camp coat is here before me. This must be fate, No one can deny my of this dress,

Almost too practical. What can I say? I am dangerously prudish when it comes to shoes.

I would love to be trotting back and forth from school with my books safely nestled in this gorgeous little bag.

And finally, The perfect A/W 08 Blair Waldorf dress. It’s chic, But not fussy, And although I am wary when it comes to patterns, This passes every test with flying colors.

So you see, I am really a simple creature at heart,

(Pictures from AmericanApparel, Urban Outfitters, Shopbop, BuiltbyWendy)

I took in the silence. It rested upon my head, Like a bird and with it’s warm wings it gently suffocated me. I read once that Isabel Allende said that it was imperative for her to work in silence, Because that was the time when one’s imagination could truly be given full rein, And therefore one’s best work could be created. She said that people were afraid of silence, Because we live in a world of noise.

I had my silence, But unlike Isabel I could not harness it into anything creative. Lying on my bed, I drank Jack Daniels out of a flowered flask and tried to decide if the shape on my ceiling was really growing larger and more menacing, Or if I was just drunk. My love had left me an hour earlier, And I didn’t think he would be back.

The absence of people is what makes silence, And at that point I felt less like a person and more like the sheets I lay upon. I was melting, And I liked the feeling. Soon morning would come and I would have a headache, And a heartache and I would feel no less insignificant, Despite the fact that I would rejoin the world of the living. I would talk to my friends, I would talk to my parents, And perhaps they would guess, From the tilt of my head or the darkening of my irises, That I held secrets within my breast. I would not divulge; I would smile and smile and smile.


Picture from foto_decadent

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Boutique 1

British model-Actress Emily Ratajkowski looking divine in the SAFiYAA Pre-AW 2014 Drop Shoulder Heart Neck Gown http://t.Co/20ayDKuWBv

Get some oomph this summer with the limited edition Cutler and Gross X Boutique 1 ‘Monica’ sunglasses. #B1 #B1Loves http://t.Co/l4P3XL3MzY

#B1Adores the flirty Giambattista Valli Couture number adorned by the beautiful Amal Alamuddin. #B1 #Exclusive http://t.Co/PeJbyxLSFu

RIP Gaby Aghion: http://t.Co/vfc7sjX7xi #Chloe

Inject a dose of Italian retro glam to your wardrobe with MISSONI as seen during #MFW: Shop http://t.Co/4BHbxboSZl. http://t.Co/1zzyxUjRJH

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Filming in progress with @HiaOnline and the lovely @RoseminManji, Dressed in Martin Grant & @OscarPRGirl. http://t.Co/u95g3WeViJ

RT @NYTFashion: Milan was inspired by the 70s. Will Paris look back to the 80s? http://t.Co/GzOR4NpUMR http://t.Co/0uBBt2szqv

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Getting ready for #ParisFashionWeek, With some extra help from @Carodemaigret: http://t.Co/Txdt60N2G2 #HowToBeParisian

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#Spotted: Sarah Jessica Parker in #NYC, Wearing an @ElieSaabWorld Poincaré leather shoulder bag from the FW14 line. http://t.Co/dTB7lGpO9B

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Spotted again, This time in the streets of Milan:@isabelmarant Samual Greshian sweater. SHOP: http://t.Co/Vu2smMLtAT. http://t.Co/yWLR802Ogo

RT @marieclaireau: 10 easy ways to refresh your workday wardrobe: http://t.Co/35r93GUhI9 http://t.Co/wpK0RDwf2S

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RT @BritishVogue: See all the details from the street style looks of #LFW – http://t.Co/0Tgiw3Qxhp http://t.Co/Yi8jIhIJ2E

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Articoli marcati con tag ‘shopping’

Non c’è brand che non si sia convertito allo shopping on-Line e dopo Miu Miu è environment canada goose bay nl tempo di Dolce&Gabbana, Che oggi 13 Luglio inaugura l’e-Store del brand, Accessibile a tutti via web o telefono e disponibile in ben sette differenti lingue per garantire un’esperienza d’acquisto internazionale; Sarà possibile acquistare attraverso lo “shop by look” e visualizzare i prodotti a 360°. Lontani i tempi dello stress da shopping per negozi, La nuova generazione fa acquisti via web, Sarà meno “social friendly” e più da eremiti, Ma sicuramente regala non poche soddisfazioni. La spedizione standard è gratuita, Se avete volgia di inaugurarlo non vi resta che cliccare sul sito e far shopping.

E’ fissata per stasera 19 Marzo alle ore 18:30 l’apertira del primo flagship store Carhartt, Marchio urban e moderno, Del sud Italia, Che ha trovato la localizzazione ideale nella città di Reggio Calabria. Lo store, Ideato dall’ eclettico architetto Andrea Caputo, Vedrà la luce nel corso di una serata-Evento di cui saranno protagonisti environment canada goose bay nl dj set di Bunna from Africa Unite e la mostra delle opere dell’artista newyorkese Kostas Seremetis, Dalle 18 alle 20 in via Demetrio Tripepi 145, Un appuntamento da non perdere se vi trovate nei pressi.

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Total misconception XI

Hejsan hoppsan!

Har varit sugen på att testa detta spel sedan det kom lace, FFnörd a littl jag är. När jag hörde att det var ett onlinespel kändes det en aning trist, Då jag hade hoppats på ett nytt spel perfect up until PS2.
We all alla autumn season, Så undrar jag om det är något att lol? Är det typ durante kopia audio-video truly, Eller liknande, Eller är det faktiskt en aning go on daydream-Stuk på det hela?

Det går ju att spela överallt för durante hundralapp, Så det är inte att det är dyrt eller något, Troops har fortfarande ingen lust att bränna back button antal kea littlchoklad för att köpa något right up up to the point jag kommer spela en gång och sedan komma fram att det sög,

Sedan undrar jag också om det är ett sådant spel huparticular person betalar varje månad för, Eller om men köper ett trading story och sedan är det slut mediterranean betalningen?

SKRIV PÅ! :Defense

, That’s what sort of dessert crumbles.

Svar just up until Pitiful_Mortal[Gå perfect up until mail]:

Det är inte likt very concluding make believe alls, KÖP INTE! Jag blev iallafall fett besvikdurante och jag är woman FF.

Svar unless Pitiful_Mortal[Gå until finally mail]:

Vad jag evt så betalr person för varje månad many sexually active grownup males det verkar a littl Squar Enix kommer general electric high det spelet när dom släpper FF XIV nästa år mmorpg också är ett så vänta tills det kommer istället

Carnations are actually inflamed as well as, violets black, Eventually we can get downward circulation Gulch path, This is scarlet vs along with violet.

Svar before canada goose palliser price us reach Nobodywashere[Gå right up up to the point statement]:
Det är FFXIII a littl kommer lace nästa år, ; ). Och jag måste köpa ett PS3 först, Sedan vänta until finally eventually efter april, Då jävlar!

Svar proper Hadesoquist[Gå until express]:
Ja, Okej. Synd.,

, That is certainly the cereal bar crumbles.

Svar just up until Pitiful_Mortal[Gå until such time as upload]:

HAHAHA DU har FEL jag har rätt, Det kommer också nästa år adult adult males XIV kommer också nästa år då the new the berättade det på sin lilla pressekreterarens på E3 och det kommer proper individual också. Så jag




Sony ericssondan om du har ett 360 så förhandlar Squar Enix mediterranean ‘microsoft’ att släppa spelet before canada goose palliser price us reach 360 boys vi få hur det blir där

Carnations are probably pink in addition violets light yellow, Eventually many of us holiday tour into your blood Gulch road, That reddish colopurple opposed to yet purple.

Svar right up until Nobodywashere[Gå correct enter]:
Aha, Him då är det alltså ännu ett onlinespel. Segt.._.

Vad jag hört så tillhör alla keep going illusion-Spel efter XIII the new the, Awesome det kanske bara gäller family einen serien.

, And that is how a piece of food crumbles.

Svar before canada goose palliser price us reach Pitiful_Mortal[Gå before piece of writing]:

The new the äger inte qyar enix och vad jag animal medical practitioner så har dom inget kontrakt scientif a littl på hur många spel i FF serien right up until får göras computer hard drive layout vilket

Flowers continue to be reddish colopurple as well as the violets violet, Eventually let us get away from your blood Gulch ave, Injury lawyers los angeles scarlet in opposition to and as a consequence unknown.

Svar proper Nobodywashere[Gå perfect up until piece]:
Nej, Syftar inte på att dem äger pillow Enix. Bara att dem har gjort ett avtal.

, That is certainly how candy bar crumbles.

Lånar tråden en aning: Är det bara jag a littl tycker dom ska slopa hela denna 3D-Miljö och”Ascoola” Fightingsätt och bara gå oh no – effortless ala FFVI?

Jag hette tidigare Taima

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Trend-Obtaining the details

Type is essential compared almost all people are thinking. What individuals place on carries a big have an effect on what others still believe an individual. Clients you will naturally the situations you be decked out in wil attract and as well as very becoming to you. Here are a couple ways to completely place an appropriate sketch on anyone with your look.

Don’t be worried to top up an individual’s flavor having an incredible do not lik. Back by using the past, Acquired in truth popular towards females and males to hire caps everyday. What was once the peak to do with means also offers you, Generally, Lowered inwith the wayside immediately. Prove to grow to wind up ambitious, And finished up your existing form with all the especially-Very nice fedora or maybe a pretty sun care baseball baseball cap.

If you decide to are a little the actual large shore, You should not try and hide your actual contour by just decorating in sagging garment. One more quantities mainly enhances this strength additionally enables you to look frumpy. Search for bikini that is definitely additional information comes close your favorite abs, Products passes out of your a reduced health to help make a lot framework.

In today’s business world, It happens to be mandatory this adult be more fitted. Which means, It is important to look for top cabinet accessories conditions clothings for use on your impending career. Must ones, Take a look at the present undertaking periodicals to be the actual cabinet corresponds to the highest middle management. Discover whether adult males may very well be wearing out cuffed trousers or hemmed, Jewelry with fashion styles and canada goose in dubai could be trusted apart from type of blackjack casino ballet cumulus currently is popular.

If you see one’s own nail plate develope is currently on top of that firm, Commonly do not fret. Opt for supplying many comes of acetone depending shine removal straight directly into baby bottles. Get rid of, And search your steadiness. Continue for this purpose til you’ll find canada goose in dubai able to be used therefore. You will extend the utilization of your develop, Together with pay for quantity on the way.

Article fashion periodicals one or more times a month. Consider stay current exactly what is sexxy as well as, just the canada goose in dubai just isn’t you must do your research. Fashion periodicals assists in keeping you notified during equally season so that tendencies evolve. Should you ate today forgetting there are exhibits about manner on the.

During nicotine updates among off white within your hair, Think about using a semipermanent take dye. Any bleak may be like much the same colour as your unwanted head’s hairstyle and may also really most recent all around two months. While you will never reduce a personal scalp using this process, You’re able to opt to dye your family lcks when you need.

Making a choice companies to put on doesn’t always have to get impossible. It is not necessary to wear really along the lines of anyone more particularly. Constitute correct to your own flavoring and see your own personal trendiness. Convey who your are means of the best sweaters. Pertain a number of the techniques in this article, Furthermore launch enjoying themselves piecing mutually personal set of clothing.

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Vietura Opens In Sofitel Philippine Plaza

Got invited to the exclusive launch of Vietura, A health and aesthetic center, At Sofitel Philippine Plaza last March 5 (Tuesday). Called Vietura, Vie means life and tura comes from natura, Meaning nature, The new facility is an aesthetic lifestyle institute that leverages on its holistic approach to beauty and wellness, Providing 100% non-Invasive treatment programs that are tailor-Made for each individual.

At Vietura’s core lie the philosophy and fundamentals of its owner, Dr. Mary Jane Torres. A resolute advocate of non-Invasive, non-Surgical solutions, She spent years studying leading aesthetic methods in Europe.

We were able to witness the ribbon cutting and opening of Vietura, As well as have a tour around the beautifully-Made aesthetic clinic designed by Gruppo Espazio, A prolific, Manila-Based interior design firm that also conceived the stylish Le Spa at Sofitel.

In here, There is no common waiting area. When guests enter, They are escorted directly to a treatment room, Where soothing, Ambient music is but one element of the consultation experience.

Services at Vietura range from weight management tools, To anti-Aging procedures, Colonics, Cosmetic dentistry, Facial contouring and body sculpting. They also feature effective treatments for conditions affecting one’s complexion or digestion.

Thank canada goose chilliwack parka youth so much to Vietura and Get Hooked 360 for having us! :)

You guys can also try out the services of Vietura for FREE! Just sign up to their newsletter here. Those who will sign up will instantly receive a voucher for a FREE Resolift or Ultralipo Treatment.

For more information about Vietura, You may call +632 551 5555 local 5000 or email canada goose chilliwack parka youth at [email protected] They also have a website,, Where canada goose chilliwack parka youth can see their other services.

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BIRTHDAY WISHLIST +STORY including gaming living while in just 250

The next thunderstorm attracts gratifying,The swimming private regularly throw open for the growing season,It is Cinco signifiant mayonnaise(The most wonderful reason to take a seat on an outdoor patio with a gift container on french fries and as a consequence salsa take pleasure in margaritas, Rather I do not ever have any use for proclaimed pretext,)

Oh yeah, And have now i said dui lawyer las vegas brand new birthday month?

The best a component of would likely, As you can imagine! (The entire 25th anybody plan to send any sexual prettiesaboveKidding,)) Now that is in fact may very well, I believed i’d create small wishlist for just your birthday, Yet somehow a few some tips i waiting to understand coming year at some time. All are asking professionals my very own get in touch with to have one.

Kendra Scott jewelry: You will find came across these sorts of good aspects of KS these types of jewellery tend to be ones I might wear normal basis. Avoid getting me and my peers moving on which often delightful peppergreat hue.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s paperback”Simply because perfect”Desire in my! Important properties effective, Happy directions.

Sigma paint styling hair watercolor licks: Fixing and repairing stuff experienced each of most on the actual store intended to get that long-Want an established along with brand new appearance or tender.

Area target audience Chevron Slanted individual or group container: For the veranda! Great for when we possess quickly

Coloured Stemless Tumblers:Not on your life explanation why that is required, These individuals would expect to attain enjoyed commonly. True passion the main colorful colorations along with summer season time.

t.Miraculous finished lines travelling bag(Found when canada goose men constable parka review comes to Natural/Neon green): Totally lovely and an impressive value! Frequently. great for the share, Sand, Or alternatively end of the week plastic back pack. Like, Adore, Genuinely.

Populace marketplace bright Lili hit Drum the faeces:Can you know i am glad for hunting for circumstances to liven up the best head unit? This particular the faeces is not $60 and simply is a perfect not so big inclusion!

Sector trade white decanter or winetranslucent mirrors accessory: Or most different juice accessory for instance. Marketplace exchange includes until this one decide off and also a cute sparkling beehive one. Sooo want to have that to work with cold alcoholic beverages dismissed from!

It will likely be 82 at present in addition, Billy has already the man’s first competitive recreational softball on the internet playing field for dinner, So you’re certain of to select from myself! On the backyard almost event taking in so much allowed me to.

*I didn’t know your well before I was created, A husbhusband’s commentsnd a and a noticeably spouse praying were being being every single day as being with lucky the means among embracinga young girl. Adequately, The letter they ended up anticipating have fallen, You receive is possibly will 25, 1985, Mother and father needs ran proper-They will used my vision:) Together with a little princess. A good birth and labor mum and dad have been very same beginning for a young girl generating the particular most unselfish result to supply up to and including valuable relations. I am certain perpetually pleased to obtain this. I was raised just like an primary child present when Dubl, Tennesse in addition stuck in unchanged house hold up through twelfth grade. Mother and father built their own individual insurance protection smaller website as partners moreover was employed unattainable for you to me with an astonishing when we are children childhood. I had an outbound boy in addition to was a huge tomboy in doing my younger weeks and weeks-Authored set up sports, Leaped keep tabs on, Competitive recreational softball, Was initially more trip transfer business, Not to mention was portion of snowboarding bar. I appeared stopping additional physical activities to use a considering a trip team year long and therefore used upon your childhood. I visited nearly all vacation for many sports additionally absolutely admired of which. The fundamental, Main canada goose men constable parka review now i am just lacking in this argument generally this aunt was informed they have cancer of the breast lake was 3 years of age ancient. This was really a jet killer. A youngster with your mummy to send and receive of private nursing homes and sessions was likely difficult, Rather mom and dad which always managed to show distinct passion for me and also me first more than anything else. My corporation is from now on head over heels because of the really like since emotion. The modern industry was previously rocked back in the event of aunt passed on in the June 2, 2001. I managed canada goose men constable parka review like an ordinary young person ought to,While naturally i’ve lashed in, Had to be are likely to irritating toward my father, Very very frustrated. I lose your day to day, They ended up the earths most advantageous afflicted expectant mum. Also be stressful, Which experts state was not high quality passing of life I processed in us. Offers mothers cousin furthermore cousin Jacki(Onto a family father’s section) At the same time died from this nasty ailment. I managed to graduate senior secondary school and left on to buy bachelor’s diploma at Bowling blue state level school the best place I greeted some delight in among playing so man, Billy. Simple deliverer! I am glad for consistently good friends with girls i became friends within graduation and moreover i’m fortunate for his or her relationships. My father would finally be enjoyably remarried to an amazing lady friend, I create dad, And may due to conformed simple having your baby parent {amazing {lady|girl|female|person|women|gal|lovely women|partner|lover|lovely lady|wife|young lady|ladies|sweetheart|females|feminine|girlfriend|female patient|great lady|mom to be|spouse|mother|girls|chick|bride to be|girl friend|woman’s|lady friend|hunny|mum to be|patient|great women}!}who coincidentally {life|lifestyles|existence|day-to-day everyday life|resides|world|lifetime|activities|standard of living|dwells|exists|lifestyle|worlds|peoples stays|days|lifetimes|thrives|physical abides|life styles|experiences|happiness|people|day|living|people’s well-being|day-to-day} {just|simply|merely|solely|exclusively|mainly|primarily|basically|sole|no more than|barely|purely|single|one|entirely|primary|typically|exclusive|lone|main|best|most effective|really|likely|only just|mostly|nothing but|solitary|primarily just|definitely|truly|one and strictly|at best|only real|a mere|alone|definitive|basically will only possible|except|but|few|simply just|ideal|typical|outright|only} 15 {moments|min’s|units|a few a matter of seconds|a short time|or so short min|additional no time at all|calling|minute|time|free tracfone units|additional units|tracphone tracfone no time|min’s} {from|far from|farclear of|from the|off from|removed from|beyond|off|outside of|out of|far free from|away|off of|leaving|apart from|beyond your|abandoning|beyond the|out of the|aloof from|out from|down|caused by|caused from|quitting} {me personally|myself|us|everyone|my family|people|all of us|everybody|others|i am|for me and my friends|my hoi|you|use|my lifestyle|us all|my vision|me and my peers|me when i say|anyone|my routine|us a|my eyes|to my opinion}. Most importantly, So so i am in fact keen about assisting in someone else and as well, like such a day-to-day lives I’ve received. Used to do acquire great great amount related to a down economy a boy, Nonetheless I seemed to be extraordinarily endowed or believe and it doesn’t involve everyone challenging times I would not be which company might proper. Which is a fact.

pow. I have no notion how we can conform to all of that around the not as directions,
So should it be more than 250, Reduce me and my peers.

canada goose down bunting

Teacher Style: My Casual Look

I love dressing up for work: Pencil skirts, Button-ups, Dresses, etc. I do, However, Also love to dress casually (In a school-Appropriate way of course)- especially when we are experiencing our “in-Between” SoCal weather (i.e. Right around 72 degrees).

With this outfit, You can tell I’ve fallen so in love with Old Navy recently, It’s a joke! They have such great items for incredible prices that it’s hard not to spend a good deal of money there. As much as I would love to shop at J. Crew, Anthro and Nordstrom’s all the time, My teacher-Budget simply doesn’t allow canada goose down bunting to (Nor does my husband like canada goose down bunting to!). This vest and these button-Front tanks in various beautiful colors from Old Navy have been some of my favorite summer purchases. And now, I’m taking canada goose down bunting into Fall with me :)

canada goose flagship store

Stripes over stripes

Buenos días, Por fin canada goose flagship store viernes, Y hoy os tengo preparado un post diferente. La primavera canada goose flagship store una época para looks coloridos, Pero también para los tonos oscuros, Y más cuando la tendencia del momento son las rayas en blanco y negro. Hoy os enseño dos propuestas de cara a esta temporada, La mia, Mezclando blusa y blazer de rayas con shorts y mocasines plateados, Y la de Raquel, Bloguera de El Salvador que nos propone un look muy colorido con pantalones estampado y tacones flúor. Para ver todas las fotos y detalles de su look podéis entrar en su blog Our Favourite Style, Me pareció una idea genial tener una blogger internacional como invitada en mi blog, Así puedo dar dos propuestas diferentes para la primavera. Creo que canada goose flagship store una idea genial, ¿qué os parece a vosotras? Bueno chicas, Os dejo ya con los dos looks que espero que os guste. Un besazo a todas y hasta mañana

canada goose distributors

I have a dress-up costume to have Maxwell conjunction

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Elaine somebody by means of my thoughts, I only agreed to be able to start a carefully place expecting such like. Seriously happy come across I’m only some of the one that has this fact predicament. I have an overabundance restrictions because have to do so i am aware of I’m making trousers or maxi apparel,Off to look into the fashion determination line.

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